Students are instructed on the proper technique and terminology while encouraging fun and creativity. A complete curriculum of dance classes ranging from pre-school through adults is provided for the Recreational Dancer and also for the Career Oriented Dancer. Students develop the necessary technical foundation to advance their dance skills, while constructing a pathway taking them the next level.


A great introduction to music and movement for the 2.5-5 year old. This class is designed to enhance the creative ability, attention span, physical coordination, and musicality in the young beginner. We combine dance skills and use a variety of music styles, colorful props, rhythm instruments, and creative activities to develop musical recognition, memorization skills, rhythm, & expression. Pre-dance students begin to learn cooperation, team work and classroom etiquette. Your adorable dancer will love this fun-filled class that also introduces the basic tumbling skills.


This jazz class is designed for dancers who love to shake it all over. Our Jazz technique combines the strength of hip-hop and the flexibility & control of jazz. After a warm-up, the dancers will learn basic jazz vocabulary and technique, and gain coordination while having a great time. Age appropriate music will be used. As your dancer advances emphasis is placed on developing musicality, discipline and learning quality of movement.


Hip Hop, sometimes referred to as “street dancing”, is a fast-paced style of dance based on jazz movements and performed to popular music. Students learn rhythm, coordination, isolations, and basic dance steps and put it all into routines they can dance to at parties, school dances & weddings. No prior dance experience needed to join our HIP HOP classes.


These dance classes are adapted for the child with physical and learning difficulties, illnesses and special requirements. We are nurturing young dancers, while building self-esteem, developing coordination, imagination, musicality and motor skills! The Classes involve participants in fun routines which use imagination and props.


Expose your child to the rhythm of tap. Unlike other forms of dance, tap involves sound. Students are fascinated by the various combinations of sounds and develop a real love for tap dancing that lasts a lifetime. Your adorable dancer will love this fun-filled class that combines creative movement and Tap. As your dancer advances we will focus on speed, clarity of sounds, intricate rhythms, emphasizing technique, and traveling movements in a variety of tap styles.



The students’ progress through the classical ballet syllabus and are promoted as they master each level’s vocabulary. Class work is given at an age appropriate level with emphasis on proper technique and body placement. Classes are taught in a positive and encouraging manner. As the students advance in level the number of classes per week will increase to assure proper muscular strength to achieve positive results. Students are placed according to demonstrated ability at director’s discretion


Classes are devoted to the technique “sur les pointes”. At age eleven or twelve, with approximately three years of ballet training, the ballet dancer may be considered for pointe shoes if the dancer has achieved a certain level of technical proficiency and physical maturity. This is a very individual level change in which the teacher considers the dancers growth, strength and technique. Pointe class may only be taken by recommendation of the instructor and approval of the Ballet Director.


Students combine the art of both ballet and jazz into a very expressive form. Classes allow individual style and interpretation while at the same time developing strong technique. Lyrical class emphasizes musicality and interpretation of musical lyrics. Class will begin with a warm-up of modern-influenced, ballet based exercises and stretches. The warm up focuses on the body as a whole and in motion, with emphasis on building strong technique as a base to support the freedom of this style of dance.


A performance- based ensemble, ages 8-18, by invitation or audition only. These classes will further increase jazz, ballet & contemporary vocabulary and increased complexity of movement and choreography. Students eligible for these advanced classes also require a strong ballet foundation and take ballet classes in addition to the jazz classes. The instruction will focus on leaps, turns and progressions. Classes will expand technique and delve into multiple styles of jazz including but not limited to theatrical, contemporary/lyrical, fusion, and hip hop. Students are placed according to demonstrated ability at director’s discretion.